Famous Cyclist Champions

Cycling is one of the most coveted games of all time; it ranks with car racing and motorbike racing. The feeling of the rush in adrenaline across your whole body seems to excite this game. No one can say that watching this game is not fascinating and breathe taking. In any game, there are the people who dominate the field and they end up being remembered for life. There are a few legends in every athletic field like Michael Jordan in basketball or Mohammed Ali in boxing. Cycling is also not an exemption and it has its legends. Ranging from Merckx to Lance Armstrong the cycling game has its share of superstars. Here is a list of some of the most celebrated cyclist of all time.

Gino Lemond

Gino Bartali is a famous cyclist of the early 1940’s. He is a three-time winner of the GIRO and a two-time winner of the tour. He was among the best cyclist of his time and sometimes you can’t help but wonder how many more championships he would have claimed if it wasn’t for his rival and fellow countryman Fausto Coppi. Not to mention the beginning of the Second World War that cut his carrier shortly. Nevertheless, Bartalli succeeded in his carrier despite the million and one challenges and misfortunes that he faced. Moreover, he had a splendid carrier with colorful achievements as he won 24 classics and four additional stage races. He also won the Tour de France twice at intervals of 10 years which was quite impressive. In addition, he won six consecutive mountains classifications at the Giro.

Lance Armstrong

Forget all the doping scandals and his arrogant jerkiness attitude. Let’s face it Lance was one of the best cyclists that ever lived. He was the most coveted athletes who wore the yellow jersey more times than any other athlete in the history of mankind. He is famously known for winning the Tour de France seven consecutive times, well he was stripped of the title but still, that was pretty impressive. He struggles during the other grand tour events but we can complain since he had not competed on any other events. We all remember the near-death comeback that gave him the most followers and fans. And of course, his battle with Jan Ullrich and his amazing comeback after his handlebar got caught in a knapsack. We all agree that he tried his best and brought the cycling sport to another level.

Fausto Coppi

I mean this list can’t be complete without his name this list. Fausto Coppi could have been the best of the best cyclist in the world though that will forever remain a mystery to us. But let’s just think of all what if’s that race in everyone’s minds.

What if Coppi wouldn’t have been caught up in the messy Second World War that rendered him a prisoner of war in North Africa? It’s unimaginable that he won two Tour de France races after racing for just three times, I mean he was superb. Not to mention five Giro GC wins and his continuous rivalry with Bartali. Also, he succeeded in the classics with a total of 28 one day road race victories.

Bernard Hinault

Perhaps it’s safe to say that Bernard Hinault was one of the feared people on the cycling field. He earned his nickname the badger from his vicious character off and on the bike which made a lot of people respect him. His short-tempered and super bossy attitude contributed to his success as he won five Tour de France GC races. In addition, he won three Giro titles and two Vuelta victories. Bernard is one of the most dominant cycling figures during the 80s as his impact is still felt in the cycling world up to date. One of his most impressive wins is the 1981 Paris-Roubaix and a tour win within the same year. This is one of the rare doubles and quite impressive.

Greg Lemond

When you hear the name Lemond you instantly remember the first non- European to win the Tour de France. Winning the Tour de France was indeed one of his great achievements. He won three Tour de France and also claimed two world road titles. Since retiring he took most of his time and dedicated his life and is one of the vocal opponents of performance-enhancing drugs. An interesting fact is that he has the closest Tour de France in history at only 8 seconds which can never be forgotten.

Eddy Merckx

Eddy Merckx was born in 1945 in Belgium and he is the best road bicycle of all time. Merckx was nicknamed the cannibal for the way he devoured his rivals in all the competitions. It is undeniable that he is the closest thing to cycling perfection that we will ever get in all cycling history. He won five Tour de France GC victories, five Giro victories, and two Vuelta victories. He is the definition of determination in cycling and life. In all the grand tours he entered which were 17 in total he finished among the top ten. He gave his all in racing and sometimes he required oxygen at the end of the race.

Jacques Anquetil

Jacques Anquetil was born in 1934 in France. He is best known for winning five Tour de France races and was the first person to ever win five races though his record was later on broken by the likes of Lance Armstrong. In addition to tour de France, he was also the first cyclist to win all three big races that are tour de France, Giro, and Vuelta. Moreover, one of his most colorful achievements is that he was the first French rider to wear the yellow jersey from the first to the last day in Tour de France. However, he had a few allegations of doping during his career but let’s face it back then a few athletes could say they did not dope with a straight face.

Despite all the challenges some of the cyclists faced they always seemed to emerge out as winners and never giving up was their motto. For this reason, the cyclist has managed to change a lot of lives and show the beauty of inner strength.
Always be positive and strive for the best!